That’s because wine is made for Linux, while crossover is more designed for Mac. The launcher panel sometimes went away for 10 seconds an appears back later. When using the much-touted dashboard, typing sometimes makes the text-entry fields jump out of position. I also installed installed maximus, go-home-applet and window-picker applet and netbook- launcher- efl didn’t find netbook-remix-efl, not even sure what it does, maybe those are the same? If you need to reset your password, click here.

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Clicking on any of unity shortcuts, freeze whole system for a few seconds.

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Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Mobile IntelĀ® GM Express Chipset Family

Maurits m-malkus wrote on Can I help somehow with debugging? Please look at the other bug report to see if there is any missing information that you can provide, or to see if there is a workaround for the bug.


Unable to connect to peer: I wish it worked, I wish ubuntu devs dont release stuff so prematurely soooo often, like every other day! He’s downloading a “linux driver for intel 9xx series cards” or something right now Intel GM Graphics card drivers.

I’m new to the forum, and Ubuntu as well. Gleidson Galindo omggalindo on Additionally, any inel discussion regarding the bug should occur in the other report.


The general unresponsiveness of the interface means that when items you forgot you clicked deign to load, they steal focus from whatever it was you were doing. That could be enough to make intle game stutter. The program ‘glxinfo’ is currently not installed.

Just to specify a bit more about the comment Chuck White whitec wrote on Linux inel really good with emu’s. Running synchronized to the vertical refresh. Is it really the future of Ubuntu? Everything is very laggy, tons of bugs. How do you log in to a normal gnome session? I’m experience same issue. Personally, I completely agree with silverstar. General performance, which was pleasingly snappy on Lucid is now completely in the toilet.


Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. The bug is quite critical, if you ask me, unless you intend to scare away netbook users.

[ubuntu] GMA Graphics + WoW

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Comment on this change optional. Blazej Ksycki xyc wrote on Install mesa-utils, like suggested with Code: Well just updated to Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

Im following the installation guide for Gallium but I cant see the staging tab in my winecfg, help? The output of glxinfo 9455 that your card is working and should deliver 3D acceleration.