Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Find more information or support for older devices on the Intel Wi-Fi Linux community page. Post as a guest Name. So, I assume that makes it a network manager applet bug, and not a Linux kernel bug? I found that the little WLAN-lamp on the bottom of the laptop monitor often wasn’t glowing, I concluded that the card wasn’t activated.

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Linux* Support for Intel® Wireless Adapters

See full activity log. For bug reports and debuggingplease see the page dedicated to that. Bug fixes will be ported corporxtion Ask password and then loop forever Bug reported by openfred on Comment on this change optional. Please note that the latter address accepts plaintext emails only.

en:users:drivers:iwlwifi [Linux Wireless]

Our policy is to close bugs that have been pending for input for more than two weeks. Is it possible to do it in Ubuntu before Log in or sign up in seconds. This kind of interference might happen on 2. So when i moved to arch, i noticed the same thing, that’s how i found it. Table of Contents Introduction. I am sure I have seen the lost connection after resume without any network listed too.


Wireless LAN Soft blocked: March 10th, 9.

You can get the latest firmware from linux-firmware. March 7th, 4. It is not a Passphrase issue.

This didn’t happen on Ubuntu I have the same card Intel abgn card, with a similar Dell E and ran a speedtest. If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tag ‘kernel- fixed-upstream’. Now I won’t take to much credit for this fix, i did find it on Mint forums but I tried several fixes over several hours to get it to work.

Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N installation

The fix was the following: Sadly, I couldn’t find any solution for my problem since others either had a avdanced problem or didn’t get a solution for their problem at all. Is it possible to buy antennas for mini wifi card separetly?

Wi-Fi heavily relies on radio frequencies, and those are subject to interference. This change was made by a bot. This is why some qdvanced may face issues with devices that are handled by iwldvm. Penalver penalvch on Same PC with Debian 9 or 10 works very well.


Thinkpad T with Intel Centrino Want to add to the xdvanced Plus I guess BitTorrent would be a lot faster now. Network manager fails to display any signal strength and visible networks, but I am actually connected and internet works.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Something’s wrong with scan after resume. The specific problem is if I click on the Internet symbol top right corner, left to the signs that display Bluetooth and which country’s centrin layout I’m using I can’t find any of the WIFIs surrounding my laptop that I can find without any problem under win7.