Choose a name that’s intuitive for your site. These profiles are not to be confused with PeopleSoft security user profiles. Select Tables as the Filter condition. If you do not select this box, the Client Setup process will not run. By defining multiple profiles, you can tell PeopleTools to use different directory paths depending on the database.

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As before, such clients can connect to the PeopleSoft database directly using client connectivity software a two-tier connectionor through a PeopleSoft application server a instslling connection.

Pop-up menus are indicated by a black rectangle surrounding the perimeter of a page control. Users must manually delete them from the temp directory to save peoplesofg space. Delimit the Data in the Excel File Optional If you want to delimit the data to be imported from the Excel file, then define a name for the range of data being sourced: Select one of the following values:.

Name mismatch between SID name provided in the listener. The default is 50 seconds. Specify display size in pixels. This is a base article on configuring PeopleSoft nVision.

ocbc Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Select Tables as the Filter condition. Must begin with init Must end with the extension. The naming convention for this file should be as follows: CFG file when you installed your PeopleSoft application server. The traditional Microsoft Windows client is supported for application developer and administrator use.


Throughout this chapter, we make reference to operating system configuration requirements. Controls the default values that appear in the PeopleSoft signon screen, as well as the location of the PeopleSoft cache on the client.

In the Edit Location dialog box, ensure that you enter user name and password within double quotation marks “. Ihstalling this tab is specifically for developer settings, all of the PeopleSoft Configuration Manager settings may affect developers, especially the Startup tab and the Process Scheduler tab for the default profile.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

If you have Crystal Reports installed on a workstation, the Crystal executables path is populated automatically. Installin agent has its own heterogeneous services initialization file. If the selected application server fails, the system attempts to connect to the next application server to the right, if any. Enter the parent directory that holds your cache file directories.

Ensure that you first deploy the source module before you deploy the mapping.

Using PeopleSoft Configuration Manager

If you work on tuning your PeopleSoft system and improving online performance, familiarize yourself with this tab. The tables and views available for import depend on the schema you peoplwsoft when providing the connection information.


Selecting the Numeric keypad check box overrides this default behavior for the Enter key on the numeric keypad; instead of selecting the action button, pressing the Enter key moves the cursor to the obc field in the dialog box. The naming convention for this file should be as follows:. You select from the languages that PeopleSoft delivers. Specify a TCP packet size. In most cases, it’s a good idea to indicate which fields contain pop-up menus. The default value is To enable users to change their database type selection in the signon dialog box, you must select the Database Type option in the User Can Override group.

The database name may be abbreviated to fit on the screen. In most cases, you use these controls to prevent users from attempting to sign in onto any database other than the default.