From a terminal window please run:. Configure the server to always start DHCP. I think the problem may be in the way that identifies the virtual drives, since the problem happens when you try to default SuSe grub device by id. Note that the file must be named “driverupdate”, without the ‘. Email me about changes to this bug report.

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Could not reproduce with suse 12 – which makes sense if the problem is with grub 1.

SLES Install-Boot [Archive] – SUSE Forums

Refer to the Customer Advisory for more details. Drive 1 indicates hard disk drive 2. Before you install a simple-swap SATA hard disk drive, read the following information: Remove the Tools and Drivers CD from the server. It occurs in precise and quantal, but only on AMD. The downloads links are at http: XL2xw Gen10 Apollo W Determine whether satq portmap server package is already installed on the DHCP server.


XLd Gen10 Indtall Add the following entry to the DHCP configuration file refer to the dhcpd. SLES10 does not install the bootloader if this step is not performed correctly.

To Disable the Firewall. In uEFI setup menu: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The examples in this procedure use this directory.

After successfully running the command, launch YaST again. Install the drives starting from the top bay to the bottom bay bay 3, 4, 5, and then 6. When you disable the firewall protection on the system that is your PXE server, the security of the data on that server cannot be ensured.

Determine whether the Sataa server package is already installed on the server.

Installing a simple-swap hard disk drive

All times are GMT Power on the PXE client and press F12 to select network boot. This chapter contains the following sections:.

The latest smartpqi driver and Matrox mgag Geh3 video driver are included in this kit that address previously notated kdump and video resolution issues. If portmap is not listed, install the package using YaST. This problem sles110 in Ubuntu Server Configure the server to always start the NFS service.


Install hangs @ sata_nv driver, then no SATA found!

When you are dles10 at the boot: XLr Gen10 Apollo The OS must be installed on one of these two device nodes:. Preconfiguring your network for PXE installation involves the following procedures:. XLr Gen9 Apollo Email me about changes to this bug report. This system requires a special SLES kernel for support.

The neopxe server is designed for use with a DHCP server that is running on the same system. Note – Diskette redirection is also available through the JavaRConsole.