Remember the days of the LPT1 parallel port when it was easy to add homegrown bread boarded hardware to a PC? Typical design flow is schematic design and then have a computer autoroute. Espressif Systems is a privately held fabless semiconductor company. The EVE FT series of chips are very powerful — which also means complicated — even just for basic things. Black Mesa Labs has an ongoing mission to develop easy to use and fully capable open-source hardware and software tools that make engineering electronics easier. The complexity of the software depends on how many features you intend to use.

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This should be 12x faster than my existing FTDI cable solution and require very little change in software, hardware or connections. Think of it like a cross between Ethernet and USB 3. Please reply to this post and write to me what you think and what kind of Mesa-Modules you would like to see.

If all you want is to display some debug text information, my screen shot of the Arduino-IDE is all the software that is required. It is designed for solder paste and oven reflow assembly as the leads are recessed behind the shield housing. Everything should work after system rebooting. For example — I never connect a resistor between power and ground — so it must be a 10uF bulk cap. COM5 ready for use.


Please respond if there is any interest out there for a gaming specific module like this. 232 Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform brings hardware modules and cloud services together, with built-in security and an ecosystem of tools and partners to speed up your time-to-market.

A push button switch to ground with a 10K pullup resets the counter. I use them as standard serial converters atbaud.

FTDI Chip — PlatformIO a1 documentation

Transmit and receive LED drive signals. FPGA reuse greatly simplifies design effort, production assembly, test and firmware programming.

Prototyping in Python also makes software easily portable to RaspberryPi platforms. The FTR adds two new functions compared with its predecessors, effectively making it a usa chip for some application areas. They usually have rough snap-off edges which are easily filed down with a metal file. Here is the complete list to date: This site ftfi cookies. Wait and see I suppose…. End result — complete ugly mess, shorts everywhere — but the leads are all attached to their pads in perfect alignment.

Dongsen Tech Pocket Masking the LSB counter bits would further increase total capture time.

Remember the days of the LPT1 parallel port when it was easy to add homegrown bread boarded hardware to a PC? They provide wireless communications and Wi-Fi chips which are widely used in mobile devices and the Internet of Things applications. The complexity of the software depends on how many features you intend to use. Mesa-Video makes the simple things simple without giving up the full power of the FT Designing a PCB like this is very much a challenging puzzle.


A Mesa-Bus frdi plane is in the queue that supports isq slots and can cascade to 8,12, etc slots and there is also an Arduino Zero compatible Mesa-Zero module. For iss detailed board information please scroll tables below by horizontal. When the display is initialized, 1of3 VGA text display modes may be selected.

Need more than 16 IOs? Read the Docs v: The website takes a few minutes and presents a rendering of all the different layers Copper, Solder Mask, Silkscreen, Drill holes. These new features required new custom software, written by BML in. The left side popup allows for selecting a signal and then assigning it as a rising or falling edge trigger.

If you already installed them before, please check that your rules are up-to-date or repeat steps.