You can Pay with: I run one on a P Coppermine and the other on a Celeron A full review of the Abit KT7A may be found over at!! We loved the board for its impressive performance and overclocking ability. I had Chris at BadCaps. That raised an interesting question: Unfortunately for me, I found that option a few years too late for my V5 cards.

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Still didn’t change a thing, it just couldn’t handle the Tbird So I sent it back twice, second time I got a new board.

ABIT Computer KT7A-RAID, Socket A, AMD (KT7A-RAID V1.3) Motherboard

To be able rald use Overclockers UK in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Which revision is yours? Also thanks to shamino for the capacitor information.

P3’s run relatively cool, so I’m not worried about this cooler in my Intel systems. The fan keeps the Northbridge cooler and adds stability at the higher bus speeds offered on the newer boards. It’s worth a try at least. rair

RAID 0 stripping mode for boosting performance 4. Provided riad they already have a solid KT motherboard design, producing a KTA solution often requires little more than a few design tweaks and a drop in of the pin-compatible A North Bridge.

Review: ABIT KT7A – Mainboard –

Unfortunately the otherwise excellent layout is marred by the placement of the CPU socket too close to the right edge of the board, making CPU removal difficult once everything is installed in a case. Log in Don’t have an account? This seems to be a good idea since the A seems to generate considerable amounts of heat during normal operation, much less overclocked situations. Last edited by KT7AGuy on That’s why the last two row of fins are shorter to make way for the flower shaped CPU cooler.


It’s great that you can use Amazon to pay for things on this website.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. A full review of the Abit KT7A may be found over at!! If I can get around to it, I’ll snap some pics of this system and post ’em up.


Like you, I replaced the northbridge coolers on all of my boards. If an ETA is available it will be displayed on hover.

It took a lot of trouble to convince these people that there is something wrong as I later found out, the specs of kh7a KT7A board actually don’t specify CPUs above MHz, so they should never have sold this board in combination with this CPU in the first place Others have also had issues with that variant.

It’s a well-known issue with the B southbridge. It will only be kg7a problem if I ever decide to sell the boards. Cheers for the link to the patch! I’m thinking of replacing the ABIT north bridge cooler as well the V5’s heatsinks if Rais successfully obtain one with one of these after-market northbridge coolers from eBay: You can get around the issues with patches, but if you want a PCI sound card you should really consider a non-KTA board.


Via have sussed this out an now the KTA chipset is regarded as a high performance motherboard chipset.

Change of topics here is my northbridge heatsink on mine. With Ktt7a, you can perform every overclocking option right inside the BIOS, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of shutting down the machine and setting jumpers or dipswitches. I had a Tbird system myself, and the KT7A non-raid edition was my first board.

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I still have that system, and it still works, still nice and stable. There are only a few choices available as replacements for the OEM coolers that don’t require cutting or epoxy.

Quite a few KTA motherboards have arrived at the AnandTech Labs, and as usual, we will walk you through all of them and let you know which one is the best. Good prices and online shopping but the showroom needs an big upgrade with better displays to look at while waiting for your parts.

Abit where among the first to fit a Fan on the Northbridge chipset, they set the trend, rai heatsink and fans are common on nearly every recent motherboard Northbridge controller.