But they are definitely better than the GTX. Considering that many users still ask questions about the differences between these products, and which manufacturer offers higher quality, we decided to publish another article about these cards. A similar bundle includes a bonus – two games: On the whole, the bundles are not brilliant, sometimes even over-modest. The card and bundled components are well secured inside, so dangling is out of the question. So you’d better install a good ventilation system inside your PC case.

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But look how radically the situation has changed! You cannot mistake them for anything else. The GTS is at advantage in this case as well. You see, everything is simple.

The video card is secured not to dangle inside. We can only inform you about this or that product.

Foxconn GeForce GTS MB Overclocked Edition –

When I wanted to replace GTS for another card at once, I had to cool it with a fan for two minutes for its temperature to get below the threshold of pain. And our today’s cards are no different from the reference models. They are gone long ago the cards were replaced or returned by warranty. The appearance of green PCBs in series cards raised some gossip and fantasies.


We also publish monthly 3Digests that sum up all comparisons of video cards for various price segments. Las Vegas goxconn the limits of the current videocard technology, luckily next generation videocards like the GeForce GTX can smooth out the wrinkles It stresses the target application of the accelerator: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory v.

Foxconn 8800GTS 640MB DDR3 SLI 2XDVI GeForce 8800 GTS GDDR3

These are all additional advantages of this card. Using plastic inside boxes is a very good move, because it protects the card from dangling in transit. We can see that the new cards win. If you see this card in a store, and its price is not too high, don’t hesitate, take it right away.

Some forum users even wrote that all black cards were defective, while green models were fully functional. But it will be rather short. These modes show that the GTS MB, even operating at its nominal frequencies, outperforms all its competitors, including more expensive cards.

Foxconn GeForce 8800 GTS (PCI-E, 640MB, 575MHz)

Call Of Juarez Test results: Have a look at fixconn percentage. So here comes the main conclusion: Saving money and launching a usual reference card without any customizations is very strange.


But two of the three cards reviewed here offer increased frequencies. Even the slowest modification. These modes show that the GTS MB, even operating at its nominal frequencies, outperforms all its competitors, including more expensive cards. I repeat that only the sticker on the box mentions increased frequencies.

Review: Foxconn GeForce GTS MB O.C. – Graphics –

And don’t say that you were not warned. And one more thing: I hope our readers understand that I was joking when wrote about increased frequencies of the card when used together with foxconj bundled gamepad.

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Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. There is no information on the cards themselves. This solution has a number of advantages.